Sermon: Acts: Saul's Conversion


June 9th, 2019

32 mins 33 secs

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About this Episode

Continuing our series through the Book of Acts, JT Manning delivers a sermon about the conversion of Saul and how this fits into the surrouding narrative.

Recording Note: due to recording issues, the first 9 minutes of the sermon will sound a bit funky. There is nothing wrong with your speakers. -Logan

Sermon Notes:
Acts 8:1-3
Acts 8:4-8
Acts 8:26-28
Isaiah 52:13-53:9
Isaiah 56:1-8
Acts 9:1-2
Isaiah 53:10-12
Acts 9:10-22
Acts 9:31


  1. Where in your life are you prioritizing right/wrong over the value of God’s most prized possession, people?
  2. Where are you missing God showing up because you aren’t fully present or you are afraid?
  3. How are you engaging God as he shows up in little ways?
  4. How are you changing and growing as God is changing and growing the people who have hurt you?