Legacy Continued: Dressing for a Blessing


May 30th, 2021

46 mins 46 secs

Your Host

About this Episode

Continuing our series looking at Isaac and Jacob, Rob Croyle delivers a message that challenges us be willing to go after things and also to examine the lens we use to view the world.

Sermon Notes:
Genesis 18:17-19
Genesis 25:19-34
Genesis 26:34-35
Genesis 27
1 Peter 3:8-9
Deuteronomy 8:10

*Implications: *

  1. God chose to move His Kingdom forward through imperfect chutzpah instead of talented apathy.
  2. God’s blessing is not limited; be a blessing everywhere you go to everyone you come in contact with.

Your Next Steps:

  1. Align your passions with God’s Kingdom, then start moving.
  2. Develop a good eye. Read Jesus.
  3. Start by blessing God for what you have.