Legacy Continued: Prequel


May 16th, 2021

35 mins 41 secs

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About this Episode

Logan Daily begins a series that will continue through the book of Genesis with the lives of Isaac and Jacob. This prequel reminds us of some of the important concepts and themes that we have seen in our two previous series in Genesis and teases upcoming themes.

Sermon Notes:
“In the Beginning” | Jan 5 - Feb 23, 2020 (Genesis 1-11)
First sermon of the series –> https://missionridge.fireside.fm/1-5-20

“The Partner God Pursues” | Apr 19 - Jun 21, 2020 (Genesis 12-24)
First sermon of the series –> https://missionridge.fireside.fm/4-19-20

Genesis 25:1-11

*Implication: *
Abraham was invited to partner with God to plant a seed. That seed has become a kingdom; you have a choice in how you carry that legacy.

Your Next Steps:

  1. Review “In the Beginning” series.
  2. Review “The Partner God Pursues” series.