Parables: The Great Feast


January 2nd, 2022

44 mins 37 secs

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About this Episode

We begin 2022 with a series of Parables from Jesus. This week Rob looks at the Parable of the Great Feast that is found in Matthew 22.

*Sermon Notes: *
P’SHAT – Surface. The truth that is found on a P’shat level can be incredibly profound and profoundly applied.
REMEZ – Hints. The rabbi has hidden a special treasure that is unlocked with a familiarity of the Old Testament text.
DRASH – Inquire or Seek. Drash is the idea of truth hidden in story. Once a student has found the hint in the Old Testament text, they are given tools that are going to help them unlock and understand the deeper meanings of the rabbi’s teaching. It should be noted here that the Remez in a teaching is always up for debate.
SOD – Secret or Mystery. Sod is connected to mystery and cannot be learned or taught. Sod is a supernatural gift from God (or we might even say the Holy Spirit). An example of this is Peter’s great confession (Matthew 16) where Jesus remarks that “man has not revealed this to you, but only my Father who is in Heaven.”

Matthew 22:1-14
Revelation 19:7-9
Isaiah 25:6-9
Romans 4:7-8
Ephesians 2:8-10


  1. Though the Kingdom’s invitation is salvation, many will reject it.
  2. The Kingdom comes to those who were not expecting it.
  3. Once in the Kingdom, there is work to do.
  4. It costs you to be in the Kingdom.
  5. The Kingdom moves forward through invitation.

Discipleship Conversation:

  1. Tell the story.
  2. Who do you identify with in this story? Why?
  3. What do you learn about the Kingdom through this story?
  4. What do you sense God leading you to do differently based upon this story?